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High Risk FAQs

Q: I do not have a merchant account can I use your service?

A: We provide the complete solution for you. You use one of our merchant accounts and we also provide an easy to use gateway to submit your transactions.

Q: What currencies can I process in?
A: Our primary currencies are USD and EUR as we found that 99% of our customers require global requirements

Q: I have a merchant account already. Can I use your gateway?
A: Due to the fact we specialize in providing a complete solution we cannot offer just gateway access to you. However our complete solution is one of the fastest growing in europe with over 35 new signup’s everyday.

Q: What fraud system does your gateway have?
A: Our gateway uses state of the art fraud scrubbing software to ensure that fraudulent transactions are kept to a minimum. One aspect of the application is if a card is presented to the gateway with a different country of origin the transaction will decline. Since we implemented this system; chargebacks across all accounts reduced by 23%.

Q: How quickly can I be running transactions?

A: We can offer processing that very same day to people providing that the risk assessment has approved you and that all the documentation you send us is correct.

Q: Why should I trust your company?
A: We usually try and reverse this question, because you are using our merchant accounts we have to ensure that all business is good business. A transaction can be disputed up to 6 months after the card was processed so our company effectively loans you this money for this duration. Our parent company has been in business over 4 years and our management are very well known within the card processing industry.

Q: What are your rates?
A: As you are aware every business is different and someone selling shoes will pay less to process than someone selling adult content. We ask that people simply fill in an application form to obtain their personal rates.

Q: When do we get paid?
A: Payments will vary on account to account. Typical every week (Friday) – Because money is transferred from our EU accounts sometimes International wires may take up to 4 days.

Q: How do I apply?
A: Simply CLICK HERE, fill out the form and one of our friendly customer agents will contact you and guide you though the rest of the application process.