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Japan Ecommerce Websites, Gateways & Shopping Carts

Are you in need of a merchant account, payment gateway or online shopping cart for your ecommerce business in Japan?

Try an all-in-one e-commerce solution from The Transaction Group (TTG) and save time and money getting your Japanese online store up and running.

For the past decade we have been assisting businesses throughout the world with their payment processing needs. If you don’t need a complete solution for your business in Japan, we can offer merchant accounts, payment gateways and shopping carts separately.

If you are just starting your business and need a website, we can even build one that suits your requirements.



When your online store based in Japan processes transactions from customers throughout the world, it’s critical to have an ecommerce system that operates flawlessly.

Our credit card payment gateways and online shopping carts are compatible with each other and easily integrated with any website, ensuring a smooth checkout process for your customers.

For most Japanese businesses, a complete ecommerce solution from TTG includes:

  • Free setup
  • No required monthly reserves
  • No early termination fees
  • Free 30 days trial
  • Fast approval




TTG offers extremely fast merchant account approvals for most businesses in Japan, including those in the high-risk category. With a fast approval, merchants can start processing credit cards through the payment gateway in as little as 2 to 3 business days!

TTG also provides a virtual terminal at no additional cost. Having a payment gateway with a virtual terminal enables your online store to not only process credit cards online, but also take credit cards over the phone and in person with your customers.

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We have two online shopping cart solutions for Japanese online stores:

If you want the best cart system available, a solution from our partner, 1ShoppingCart, is right for you. The 1ShoppingCart system is offered at 3 different price tiers and includes many advanced features, such as marketing & ROI tools.

If you just need a simple but extremely reliable online shopping cart, CartManager is your solution. CartManager is a low cost system, yet includes some high-tech features.

Learn More About Our Shopping Carts Here


TTG is here for you. Whether you’re interested in a website, an all-in-one ecommerce solution or just need one of our services to complete your online store in Japan, we’d be glad to help.

With our low rates and fees, we save some merchants as much as 20% over other credit card processing providers. Try TTG and save!