"The Transaction Group handles all of my credit card transaction issues for my corporate office, as well as my 510 international and domestic franchises."
Cynthia McKay

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List of Acceptable Business Types

  • Travel (including vouchers, high tickets, reservations, accommodations, AND airfare!)
  • Credit/debt collections & repair (credit repair is possible in the US. Collections and Medical billing is acceptable in the US)
  • MLM–we can only do some MLM’s, not all. If they are a “get rich quick” scheme we most likely cannot accept it. But, if it is a good business model, with a tangible service or product behind it (like phone service or vitamins etc), then we can work with it.
  • Electronics–high tickets etc for B2B and home-based drop-shipping electronics is acceptable
  • Timeshare & real-estate advertising merchants
  • Replica products- US Domestic Accounts
  • Herbal supplements (not steroids, but herbal supplements are okay in the US)
  • Financial consulting (tax advice or investing sites–like monthly Stock/commodities tips/tools, real-estate, etc)
  • Calling/Phone cards /VOIP Services
  • High tickets & high volume–Jewelry etc
  • Adult–both products (DVD’s/toys) or content is fine (video downloads/photo galleries/memberships etc). Adult merchants must registe rwith Visa/MC to be legit in the US. DVD rental programs are okay.
  • Telemarketing–Outbound depends on product line or history. Inbound is fine.
  • Escort Merchants –No registration needed, can be done as retail with non-qual rates applying unless they have a wireless terminal (cost is $550 or so for a wireless terminal), otherwise imprints needed
  • Dating Merchants–must register with Visa/MC
  • e-Book or Software/Digital download merchants
  • Tickets–sporting, event (depends somewhat on biz model, how far in advance etc)
  • Prepaid debit cards
  • TMF merchants- US both retail and Internet
  • Demand Draft Check program- Check 21 compliant
  • Canadian Retail and Internet Accounts
  • International Merchant Accounts – Direct Accounts
  • Private Label Processing Gateway- Certified on FDMS Nashville, Global East, Concord Bypass, Paymentech Salem and Tampa, Vital, Pago plus a number of other International Platforms. Includes modules for recurring billing plans as well as ability to set up Agents
  • DPOS software- Virtual Terminal – for small to medium sized businesses