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Luxembourg Credit Card Processing | Merchant Accounts

Businesses in Luxembourg can save time and money on credit card processing services with a solution from The Transaction Group (TTG). TTG and our banking partners offer fast approvals and low rate merchant accounts for all business types in Europe.

At TTG, we’ve been assisting businesses with ecommerce services for over 10 years. We have extensive industry knowledge and experience and will ensure that your business in Luxembourg is set up with the best credit card processing solution for your needs.

We also work with new businesses and businesses that are classified as high risk.

Is your business in need of a complete ecommerce package that includes a payment gateway and online shopping 


cart? If you’re in the planning stages and have just started researching merchant account options, the answer is probably yes.

We offer all-in-one ecommerce solutions to get your online store up and running fast and easy. Our systems are compatible and secure, making the checkout process simple for your customers. Review our complete ecommerce service here

If you already have an Internet shopping cart for your business in Luxembourg and simply need to accept credit cards, you’ll only require a merchant account and compatible payment gateway. We offer both with low rates and fees.

Most businesses in Luxembourg will be eligible for a free payment gateway set up, as well as a free virtual terminal. A virtual terminal will allow your business to not only take credit card payments online, but also over the phone and in person.

While other credit card processors lock merchants into long-term contracts, TTG does not. TTG’s merchant accounts are offered on a month-to-month basis with no early termination penalties.

Are you ready to start your application? Our streamlined application and approval process can have your business in Luxembourg set up to accept credit cards in as little as 3 business days. Click ‘Apply Now’!


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