"The Transaction Group handles all of my credit card transaction issues for my corporate office, as well as my 510 international and domestic franchises."
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Maldives Credit Card Processing | Merchant Account Services

Sign up with The Transaction Group (TTG) today and save money on credit card processing services for your business in the Maldives. TTG offers fast approvals and low rates.

TTG has been helping businesses with merchant account services for over 10 years. Our industry knowledge, experience and level of service is unmatched.

With our offshore banking partners, we are able to quickly approve most businesses in the Maldive Islands for credit card processing services at competitive rates. In addition, our program includes benefits not offered by other credit card processors:

  • Fast approvals
  • Free payment gateway setup
  • Month-to-month contracts
  • A no reserve requirement (most processors withhold up to 25%)
  • A virtual terminal for face-to-face & over the phone transactions

Are you just starting your business in the Maldives and lack the credit card processing history that most merchant account providers require? That’s not a problem! At TTG, we regularly set up new businesses with merchant accounts. And because there is no payment gateway set up fee or early terminal penalty, our solution is optimal for new businesses.

To make it even easier for new ecommerce businesses to get up and running, we offer an all-in-one ecommerce solution that not only includes the merchant account and payment gateway, but also an online shopping cart. These components are completely compatible, ensuring a smooth and easy checkout process for your customers. Find out more information here.

We also know it is difficult for high risk industry businesses to get approved to take credit cards. At TTG, we can approve most high-risk business types in the Maldives for merchant accounts. Some of the industries we regularly work with include:

  • PC & IT Tech Support
  • Pharmacy
  • Travel & Tourism
  • Debt Collection
  • Diet & Nutritional Supplements
  • Electronic Cigarettes

Apply today and start accepting credit cards at your business in the Maldive Islands this week. We look forward to hearing from you!


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