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The ‘Merchant Cash Advance’ – Quick & Easy Capital for Your Business

Are you in need of a business loan for working capital for your small business? You’ve come to the right place! The Transaction Group and our partners are in a unique position to offer cash advance business loans to most businesses, even those as young as 6 months old.

Our merchant cash advance loan program provides a quick and convenient way to obtain the funding you need with no hassle. Don’t waste time filling out lengthy businessloan applications at your local bank, only to wait weeks or more for an approval or decline.

We can have your business approved for a cash advance business loan in as little as just 2 business days!

Tax liens and credit challenges are not a problem. Even business owners that have had a recent bankruptcy can qualify and get the funds they need.

Is your business considered to be in a high-risk industry? While banks politely refuse to provide working capital business loans to high-risk businesses, we welcome them.

We also proudly provide merchantcash advance loans to medical marijuana dispensaries operating legally in the United States.

So how does a merchant cash advance actually work?

It’s quite simple really. Our cash advance loan client representatives will review your business’ recent credit card processing statements and estimate your expected future credit card sales.

Our partners provide your small business with a merchant cash advance loan based upon these estimated future credit card processing receivables.

Use your cash advance businessloan for whatever purpose best suits your requirements. Need to buy equipment, expand an existing location, open an additional location, or even pay down an existing loan? That’s fine with us.

Our program has very favorable terms and a flexible repayment schedule. The funding that we provide to your small business is re-paid through a percentage of future sales. There is no fixed monthly payment or predetermined payback period for your business cash advances, only an estimated payback period.

So, you pay back the advance only as you get paid for selling your goods or services. Yes, it’s that simple!

Do I qualify?

The qualification prerequisites are as follows:

  • Because the merchant cash advance loan is based on credit card processing receipts, your business must have been accepting credit cards for at least the 6 months prior to your applying for the business loan; and
  • You must be processing credit cards on a regular basis (every second day at least), and be able to show at least $5,000 of processing per month.

* if you’re not currently accepting credit cards, we have a solution that is based on your business’ monthly sales volume.

What is My Next Step?

The fastest way to get started with your business cash advance is to click ‘Apply Now’ below and start the streamlined application. Get the funding your need fast and easy.

If you have questions and would like to speak with someone first, call us toll-free at 888-383-8056. 

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