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Nurit 2085

Nurit 2085

One seamless transaction solution delivers it all.

N2085 The NURIT 2085 goes beyond the simple transaction swipe to deliver a complete payment management tool in one integrated, compact and comprehensive package. The NURIT 2085 processes all card payments, in addition to cash and checks. It also generates customizable current and batch history reports to help you run your business. A high-speed, built-in, quick-loading thermal printer operates quickly and quietly, eliminating the annoying noise and ribbon problems that are commonly associated with impact printers.

At the heart of the NURIT 2085 lies a fast Motorola, 32-bit microprocessor, driving its ability to satisfy your daily productivity needs and your customers’ demanding requirements, both today and tomorrow. Flash memory, driven by software coded in ANSI “C” language, provides the flexibility to develop and implement custom applications as needed. Split dial capability for connecting with multiple payment hosts enables merchants to choose from among the most cost-effective processors for any given payment type.

Nurit 2085 Features:

  • 2-line by 16-character backlit display
  • 32-key keypad, including 4 hot keys and 4 soft keys (no overlay needed)
  • 12.5 lines per second graphical thermal printer
  • 32-bit Motorola 68xxx-series microprocessor
  • Memory 1MB Flash memory for software. 256KB RAM for transactions (battery backed up)
  • 1200/2400 bps modem
  • Dialup Connectivity Options: asynchronous and synchronous
  • Optional features:
    -Internal PIN pad
    -Smart card reader
    -Track 2&3 card reader
    -512KB or 1MB transaction RAM models
    -Rechargeable / replaceable battery model