"Not only is there no start-up fee, the rates are good and the set up was fast. We've referred all of our clients to TTG for the last 2 years."
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Online Credit Card Payment Gateway United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Is your business in the United Arab Emirates in need of an online payment gateway to process credit cards? Allow The Transaction Group (TTG) to help set your business up with the best solution based on your specific needs. We offer excellent rates and fast approvals.

As a full-service credit card processing solutions provider, TTG assists businesses throughout the world with setting up merchant accounts, online shopping carts and payment gateways.

For the past decade, TTG has helped businesses worldwide to save money on payment processing fees. We can save your business in the UAE money too.

At TTG, we have a network of banking partners that allow us to approve virtually any legally operating business in the United Arab Emirates for a merchant account and online payment gateway.

We work with new Emirati businesses that have no processing history, as well as businesses that are considered high risk, such as online pharmacy and pc tech support.

Unlike other credit card processors, TTG has:

  • No Set Up Fees (for most businesses)
  • Low Rates
  • No Reserves (most processors require 10%-25% of monthly volume)
  • No Early Termination Fees or Long-Term Contracts
  • No Hidden Fees

With a TTG merchant account solution for your online business in the UAE, you’ll also receive a credit card payment gateway and a virtual terminal. Virtual terminals enable businesses to not only process credit cards online, but also over the phone and face-to-face in a storefront.

We also offer online shopping carts for ecommerce businesses. Basic, low cost shopping carts from our partner, Cartmanager, and a robust solution for higher volume businesses from 1ShoppingCart.

Click Here to Apply for a Basic Solution with Cartmanager.

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Apply today and be approved in as few as two business days! We look forward to helping set up your business in the United Arab Emirates with a payment gateway solution and saving you money on credit card processing.

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