The Transaction Group (TTG) has been dedicated to delivering the right business solutions to businesses throughout the globe beginning in 2004. Our core competency is providing credit card processing services to high-risk businesses. Since 2011, we have been assisting marijuana dispensaries with payment processing needs and have worked with many dispensary owners in Phoenix, Arizona.

credit card processing phoenix marijuana dispensaryToday, we are surprised to see many new and established cannabis businesses operating as ‘cash-only,’ without a method of allowing customers to pay for products with a debit or credit card. At TTG, we feel that these businesses are burdening themselves with unnecessary risk, as well as doing their customers a disservice.

TTG’s credit card processing solution is safer for the store, helps to reduce excess cash-on-hand, and provides a value-added convenience to the customer. A customer can come to the store, make their product selections without having to carry a lot of cash or worry about spending more than they have, make their purchases, and leave happy. And with the ability to pay with a card, it’s typical that customers will spend more per transaction, ultimately boosting overall revenue.

TTG’s payment solution operates much like a traditional merchant account, and enables dispensaries to take all four major credit card brands, Apple Pay and Google Pay. With our solution, your business will have the ability to accept cards face-to-face at a retail location, over the phone, via text, or online on your website. And the approval process and setup are incredibly easy!

After completing our streamlined approval process, we ship the pre-programmed credit card processing equipment express mail to your marijuana dispensary in Phoenix, AZ. As soon as your store receives the equipment, all that is necessary to start processing customer credit card payments is to plug in the terminal and connect to a network. Of course, our professional staff will walk you through the process to ensure everything is working properly from day one.

All our cannabis dispensary clients understand the value in our payment solution. In addition to being easy to set up and use, it has no processing fees. With traditional merchant accounts, dispensaries paid thousands per month in fees.

With TTG’s service you’ll have:

  • the ability to take all 4 major credit cards, Google Pay & Apple Pay
  • no holdbacks or reserves
  • settlement in 3-5 days
  • the ability to accept major credit & debit cards
  • a low-cost solution with no processing fees
  • online reporting
  • banking services available

TTG’s credit card processing solution from TTG is a must have for any Phoenix, AZ., marijuana dispensary. Call us today at 888-383-8056 to get started. And, if you’re an agent looking to help set dispensaries that could use our services, we’ll compensate you with a finder’s fee commission.