If you’re an entrepreneur in Dallas TX in search of a business idea and opportunity to work from home with virtually unlimited revenue potential, a career as a Registered Social Security Advisor is your calling!

 The job of a Registered Social Security Analyst (RSSA) is similar to that of a Certified Financial Planner (CFP) or Financial Advisor (FA). RSSAs are responsible for assisting clients with making the most informed decisions regarding Social Security contributions in order to maximize their retirement benefits.

 This is not just a job. The role of a RSSA is in high demand and it’s a financially and personally rewarding career. As a Registered Social Security Analyst, you have the opportunity to be highly compensated for providing professional strategic advice to clients in regard their Social Security contributions.

Why Are RSSAs Necessary?

 The Social Security Administration was formed by the Federal Government in 1935 to provide retirement, disability and survivor benefits. While the system is great because it provides benefits to vested contributors, the system can be extremely confusing.

It can be difficult to get solid answers to questions in Dallas like, “can I get benefits from an ex-spouse?” Or, “what are benefit options for dependents with disabilities?” And it can take the help of a financial advisor simply to answer the most common question, “when should I claim my Social Security?”

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It’s estimated that 96% of people that are eligible to receive Social Security benefits do not claim them at the optimal time. That being the case, an average of $111,000 is lost per household. It’s an unfortunate fact that people just assume that the amount that is deducted from their paychecks for Social Security is the requirement by the government.

 The RSSA program was developed to put advisors in place to help consumers better understand the best options for their specific situations. With the assistance of RSSAs, people will have expert guidance that will positively impact their financial wellbeing. Learn more about RSSA’s here – https://bit.ly/38SCH4c

 The RSSA Course

 Consisting of five, 5-hour hour modules, the Registered Social Security Analyst training course can be completed online at one’s own pace in 4-8 weeks. After completing the course, RSSAs will be experts on the Social Security system and have the knowledge to effectively serve as a financial advisor for retirement benefits planning.

 The RSSA Business

 The Business Success Program is the next stage of the RSSA once the course and exam have been completed. In the Business Success Program, new RSSAs will receive:

  •     Expert coaching
  •     Step-by-step business setup
  •     Access to optimization software
  •     Marketing assets & support

 This stage will enable the RSSA to leverage their knowledge and tools into a turnkey business that can be set up quickly and easily and begin to generate revenue right away. RSSAs can choose to work independently or even partner together to grow their businesses faster.

 Demand for the services of highly-specialized RSSAs is high and will continue to be for many years due to the tens of thousands of Baby Boomers retiring each day. Younger generations also find great value in the services of RSSAs, as they have time to get on the right financial track much sooner.

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If you’re tired of looking in Dallas, TX for just another job and ready to start a new career in a field that’s exploding, consider becoming a Registered Social Security Analyst. Your work as a financial advisor to others for Social Security benefits is a win for you and a win for your clients. To get started or request more info click here – https://rssa.com/biz-opp/