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Spa & Hair Salon Business Loans | Cash Advance Loan

Get the financing you need for your spa or hair salon with a business loan via The Transaction Group (TTG) and our banking partners.

Together with our banking partners, we have been assisting businesses with financial services for over a decade. While our specialty is providing credit card processing solutions, we are also able to offer business loans to various business types, including hair and beauty salons, as well as spas.

Why Get a Salon Business Loan?

hair salon cash loanSuccessful salons and spas continue to build their client base over time. Although this is excellent for business, there comes a time when most spa or hair salon owners outgrow their existing space and need to expand.

Obtaining a loan to expand an existing spa or salon is a much better option, and considerably less risky, than pulling funds out of the business itself.

Another reason businesses consider loans are to improve existing operations. Perhaps a business has a financial obligation or loan with less favorable rates and terms. A business loan can help pay down or pay off this debt, saving you money.

Or perhaps it’s time to upgrade or purchase new, state-of-the art equipment. Equipment for salons or spas can be expensive. A loan or cash advance can be used simply for this purpose.

However you choose to use the capital that we fund is completely at your discretion. You know your business best and are free to decide how the financing can most effectively be applied to your business.

Who Do We Provide Funding To?

We provide business loans to all spas and salons that have been in business for at least six months and are located in the US. We even work with business owners that have poor credit, tax liens and even judgments.

While other banks or lenders apply much scrutiny to businesses applying for loans, our application and approval process is pretty simple. We also offer great rates and terms.

Call us today to learn more at 888-383-8056 or email us at sales@thetransactiongroup.net