Tulsa OK Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

Cannabis is a growing business in the Tulsa area. And while these businesses present some exciting opportunities for business owners, they aren’t without their challenges. One common challenge for owners of marijuana dispensaries in Oklahoma is the ability to accept payments with a reliable credit card processing solution.

Unfortunately, many dispensary owners don’t think they have an option other than only accepting cash. They believe that it’s necessary for customers to carry cash into the store to purchase products, or that they must have an onsite ATM. The fact is, operating as a ‘cash-only’ business is risky. And it’s an unnecessary risk.

tulsa ok marijuana credit card processingThis is where The Transaction Group comes into play. The Transaction Group (TTG) is a US-based merchant account services provider that’s been helping its customers since 2004. Over that time, we’ve helped countless businesses with their credit card processing needs. We work with businesses of all shapes and sizes, in various industries, but one of our specialties is assisting businesses in the medical and recreational (retail) cannabis industry.

TTG understands the unique challenges faced by businesses in this niche. One of the best benefits of choosing us for your payment needs is that we have the most affordable option that was ever introduced. With traditional merchant accounts, marijuana dispensaries had to pay rates of five to six percent on all transactions. At these rates, the average dispensary was paying $5000- $6000 per month in fees.

This isn’t the case with TTG. In fact, we don’t have any transaction processing fees. When you think about all the money you’re losing with transaction fees over the course of time, making the switch to TTG is an easy choice.

You’ll be amazed how easy it is to get started with TTG. We’ve optimized our new customer process to make it as easy as possible to become operational, regardless of your technological know-how. It all starts with our fast approval process, which takes only a short time to complete. Then, once you’re approved, we ship the equipment to your location express. All of our equipment even comes pre-programmed, so all you need to do is plug it in and you’re ready to process customer debit and credit card payments.

When you choose TTG as your credit card processing service for your Tulsa marijuana dispensary, here are the benefits you’ll get:

  • Ability to accept major credit cards and debit cards
  • No processing fees
  • No reserves or holdbacks
  • Banking services
  • Online reporting

If you’ve been operating as a ‘cash only’ business, it’s time to get with the times. By offering more payment options to your customers, you provide them with a better experience and can keep up with your competition. And typically, customers that have the option to pay with a debit or credit card spend more per transaction. Therefore, you’ll likely see an increase in overall revenue with our option in place.

Allow your cannabis business to thrive! To learn more about our marijuana dispensary credit card processing services in Tulsa, Oklahoma, please call us at 888-383-8056.