"Not only is there no start-up fee, the rates are good and the set up was fast. We've referred all of our clients to TTG for the last 2 years."
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Credit Card Processing Vaporizers | Vapes Merchant Account

Are you a retailer of smokeless vaporizers in need credit card processing for your business? The Transaction Group (TTG) is here for you.

At TTG, we assist all types of businesses in getting set up with merchant accounts. With our many banking partners in the United States and throughout the world, we are able to offer vapes merchants lower rates than most other credit card processing companies.

Like e-cigs (electronic cigarettes), smokeless inhalers and vaporizers are becoming extremely popular for certain benefits over smoking. As an alternative to burning and smoking tobacco or herbs, a vaporizer significantly reduces the toxins and carcinogens. But as a business owner in this niche, you’re already aware of the growing trend.

Some vape retailers that we’ve worked with offer the full gamut of vaporizer products (portable, digital, or volcano vaporizers and accessories like e-juice vapors and herbal grinders). Others tend to specialize on specific products. Regardless of your business model, we’ll develop a solution specific to your needs.

From face-to-face swiped transactions, to smart phone card processing, to e-commerce payment processing, a TTG merchant account will simplify payment processing for your vaporizer retailer business.

Allow TTG to serve you and save you money on credit card processing fees for your vapes business. We look forward to hearing from you!