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VeriFone Vx570

VeriFone Vx570

VeriFone Vx570 VeriFone’s VX 570 countertop solution offers exceptional payment processing and significantly reduces transaction time.

The VX 570 combines superior speed and performance with support for value-added applications and EMV smart card transactions. In addition to dial connectivity,
the VX 570 POS credit card terminal also offers an option that provides both Ethernet and dial communications.

Dial connectivity can be used today, then switched to Ethernet at any time without added cost or inconvenience. Or merchants with broadband service already installed can immediately process payments through this always-on connection.

The VX 570’s familiar design, including the intuitive ATM-style interface and bold menu prompts, reduces help desk training time, support and costs. And, the new anti-glare white backlit display improves readability. With its increased memory, you can offer merchants a wide range of profitable, value-added applications, strengthening relationships and generating new sources of income for you.

The USB Flash load enables optimized, protected downloads via restricted USB technology. And, the VX 570 POS credit card terminal offers the most reliable security available, including SSL and VeriShield file authentication to help prevent fraud and other software intrusions.