Virginia Beach marijuana dispensary credit card processing

Virginia Beach VA Marijuana Dispensary Credit Card Processing

The Transaction Group (TTG) has been helping businesses throughout the world with their merchant account services needs since 2004. We specialize in working with high risk businesses that often face challenges with traditional banking solutions. And we’re happy to be known as a leading credit card processing solutions provider to marijuana dispensaries in the United States. Together with our banking partners, we serve any dispensary location, including Virginia Beach, VA.

At TTG, we understand how retail cannabis businesses have struggled with banking and merchant services over the years. Because of these challenges, many legally operating businesses continue to operate as cash-only. This is less than ideal, and this practice should be avoided at all costs as it brings additional risk to any business. Unfortunately, many dispensary owners don’t know that they have a choice with an alternative payment solution.

TTG’s solutions are a win for the dispensary as well as the customer! TTG’s solutions enable a cannabis businesses to accept credit cards face-to-face, via text, over the phone or even online. Business owners love our solutions because they have no processing fees and are therefore incredibly inexpensive to put in place. Customers love the convenience of the payment options and statistically spend 15-20% more at checkout than when paying with cash. That means more revenue for the dispensary!

With our streamlined application and approval process, setting up a credit card processing services for a marijuana dispensary in Virginia Beach is simple. Once approved, we ship the pre-preprogrammed equipment express mail so that the business can plug it in, connect to a network and start taking credit card payment right away. The entire process from application to processing is about one week.

With TTG’s services, dispensaries will have:

  • the ability to accept major credit & debit cards
  • the ability to take payments via text, phone or online
  • a low-cost solution with no processing fees
  • no holdbacks or reserves
  • settlement in 3-5 days
  • online reporting
  • banking services available

Whether you’re just opening a cannabis business in Virginia Beach or have an existing marijuana dispensary in VA in need of credit card processing services, TTG is your best option. Allow us to help your business alleviate excess cash on hand and start generating even more sales revenue by implementing our solution that works much like a traditional merchant account. Also, if you’re an independent agent interested in working with TTG, we’d love to hear from you too. Call us at 888-383-8056.