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If you’re not using 1ShoppingCart, chances are you are not getting the most out of your online store on your website. The amazing services offered by 1ShoppingCart are unlike any shopping cart available and will help your business succeed online.

Happy young woman using credit card to make online purchaseIt all begins with a first impression. 1ShoppingCart understands the importance of delivering an enticing online shopping experience to customers. Don’t miss out on making that important first impression that will keep your customers coming back to spend money in your online store.
1ShoppingCart’s merchandising tools start with the look and feel of the store. With many attractive templates to choose from, merchants have the ability to enhance their online store so that products stand out.

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1ShoppingCart.com includes many features to help merchants better manage their ecommerce businesses. From the easy updating of product catalogs, instantly receiving order information over a Smart Phone, to tracking and ROI tools, everyday store management tasks are simplified. 1ShoppingCart will even answer your phones to take customers’ inquiries!

Of course your sales depend on your traffic, right? 1ShoppingCart helps merchants with that too. When built, your online store is optimized for the major search engines – Google, Yahoo, and Bing – making it easy for customers to find your store, instead of your competitors’ websites.

Your customers want to spend money. Help them. In addition to 1ShoppingCart’s merchandising tools and optimization, 1ShoppingCart offers marketing tools to help your customers spend more money in your online store. With 1ShoppingCart, you’ll have the ability to create targeted email campaigns such as coupon broadcasts based on your customers’ previous product views and purchases.

Utilizing what is known as Upsell Express, you can display additional products that may be of interest to your customers at checkout and allow them to add those items to the order with one click.

1ShoppingCart is PCI certified, and complies with the Visa Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP). In other words, your customers’ information is safe and secure. 1ShoppingCart is compatible and easily integrates with over 50 payment gateways.

1ShoppingCart has a recurring billing engine so it supports merchants that need to bill their customers on an ongoing basis. This option is ideal for automatic recurring payment renewals such as subscription style services, whether they be weekly, monthly or even annual.

You’re in business to make money, right? Get off on the right foot first with an online store by 1ShoppingCart. You won’t be disappointed. Click the banner below for more information.