"My purchase of the Way Systems terminal has proven to be an incredible asset. It's so easy to use and my customers love it as well."
-- Susan Grant

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Wireless Credit Card Processing | Wireless Credit Card Terminals

If your business is mobile or requires you to be able to process credit cards remotely, The Transaction Group’s provider has a great selection of wireless credit card processing solutions available.

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Nurit 8020

A wireless terminal supported with up-to-date network communications gives the merchant the connection they need to process secure and reliable transactions on the go. This terminal features state of the art technology that offers a touch screen interface while still remaining compact in design. The Nurit 8000 screen can capture and process digital signatures so that the merchant doesn’t need to carry around messy paper rolls.

Dejavoo M Line

Payments anytime and anywhere.Stay connected with the Dejavoo M Line GPRS wireless terminal.Optimized for payment the Dejavoo M Line communication base provides further options using the PSTN / X25 network (modem), Ethernet, USB back up and it is all as simple as plug and play.

Way Systems (MTT)

The Way Systems Mobile Transaction Terminal (MTT) combines low-cost mobile phone technologies with the capabilities of a point of sale terminal.

The MTT wireless credit card terminals integrate the security and functionality of a traditional POS terminal with the convenience of a mobile phone – to create a terminal that accepts payments, anywhere at any time. It’s the very best wireless credit card processing solution available.

Smart Phone & IPhone

We have innovative credit card processing solutions for smart phones and IPhones. Visit our smart phone / IPhone page for more information.

Rate Table

Fee Item You Pay
Industry Standard
Visa/MC Discount rate as low as 1.09% 1.75%- 1.99%
Transaction Fee $0.19 $0.20 – $0.30
Bank Fee $10 $10 – $15
Cancellation Fee Waived $300-$500
Annual Fee Waived $30 – $200

New Business or Very Low Volume? If you’re starting a new business or your processing volume just doesn’t justify the additional cost & fees associated with wireless credit card processing, and you’re looking for an extremely low cost alternative, check out Dialpay, our telephone based credit card processing solution. Dialpay is a great way for your new or existing business to “test the waters” and accept credit cards before committing to an equipment purchase or additional credit card processing wireless fees. Learn more about Dialpay

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